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School uniform

Our School uniform code:

All children are required to wear a school uniform which is as follows:

Nursery to Year 4

  • White polo shirt
  • Red school jumper
  • Red and white checked dresses
  • Grey pinafore/skirt
  • Grey trousers/shorts
  • Sensible black lace-up or velcro shoes     
  • Pair of black pumps to wear indoors (Rec-Y6)
  • Book bags are provided by school, replacements are available.

Year 5 to Year 6

  • Red v-neck jumper )
  • Red and Black school tie )    
  • Red and Black hair scrunch     )
  • White shirt

Other items available to purchase :

  • Pump bags
  • Sun hats /   Scrunchies

PE Kit

Children are required to have both an indoor and outdoor PE kit which should consist of the following :

  • Indoor: Red shorts, white t-shirt
  • Outdoor: Jogging bottoms, warm top, trainers 

Please note:

  • All official schoolwear can be purchased from Sports FX in Cleckheaton.  Telephone: 01274 879569
  • Parents are asked to ensure that their children’s uniform is all clearly named.

In the interest of common sense:

  • Any jewellery (with the exception of one small stud in each ear), nail varnish, tattoos or extreme hairstyles/colours will not be permitted at school.
  • Sensible school shoes to be worn outside and must not have a high heel.
  • Mobile Phones - Year 5 & 6 children may bring a mobile phone to school but it must be handed over to their class teacher for the duration of the school day.
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